The Legendary Willys Jeep

This is the legend of military vehicles

Bring the old girl back to life with quality Willys Military Jeep Parts from Midwest Jeep Willys. We proudly support our troops and are proud to have parts to keep these Vintage Military Vehicles on the road. Parts for Willys MB, Ford GPW, M38, M38A1 & M151 Military Jeeps.

Our Jeep types

M151A2 Military Utility Tactical Truck

The M151 Mutt (Military Unit Tactical Truck) replaced the M38A1. It was designed by Ford and later built by Kaiser, AM General Corporation, and GM.


Water proofing Willys Jeep

A War Department film about how to water poof a Willys Jeep. Waterproofed jeep driven off Instow and Braunton 1943. Poor quality preview only.


1940 Ford Pilot Model GP-No

The HVA visits with Randy Withrow and John Omenski of the U.S. Veterans Memorial Museum in Huntsville, Alabama and WWII U.S. Army.


Military JEEP best car of all time.

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Jeep Demonstration 1941

A small company in Pennsylvania, Bantam, invented the Jeep, but the military needed more than Bantam could produce.


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